Sri Venkata Krishna Kshetra Temple

Dear Devotees:
In an effort to ensure that our temple activities are running smoothly, we request your cooperation and assistance in the following. We appreciate your support in creating a Center of Cultural and Devotional Excellence in every aspect.

Prayer Time:

  • Do not touch the temple deities.
  • Do not touch the priest in the temple.
  • Archana request must be turned in before the Mangala Arathi.
  • All prasaadhams are prepared in-house by the temple cook only.
  • Please do not bring any cooked food items into the temple for offering.
  • You can offer groceries, fruits, flowers and saathvik vegetables(no onion,no garlic)
  • Do not talk while the Pooja is in progress.


  • Do not wear Shorts, sleeveless tops, or mini-skirts to the Temple.
  • Set your CellPhones, PDAs and Pagers to SILENT mode while in Temple Premises
  • Do not socialize outside the temple premises.
  • Park only in the legal spots, in the temple premises or on the street.
  • No smoking on the temple premises.
  • Do not throw trash (Prasadam Boxes, Napkins, fruits etc) in the parking lot or near by park.
  • Leave your foot wear in the storage shelves. Leaving them by the exit is a safety hazard in the event of emergency evacuation

Daining Hall:

Hall rent for events $ 251 (For 4 hours)

Chairs $ 100

Stages $ 100

Sounds $ 50

Please ensure that your children help maintain silence.
If your child needs attention, take them to the Dining hall. Children must be restrained from running, playing or climbing on furniture's in the prayer hall at all times.

Thank you for your support
-SVK Temple