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Balavihar – Classes for Children

Balavihar classes were started in 2002 by Dr. Pushpa Ramakrishna and Dr. Sudha Chandrasekhar when the temple was in the Chandler site. The class was designed to teach children slokams and their meanings and Bhajans. They were then joined by Smt. Padma Aisole and Smt. Sharada Mangal who helped instill in them spiritual and moral values. Kids were divided into three different age groups and taught slokams and values appropriate to their age group. Growing up in the USA the children needed to learn about Hindu culture and beliefs through these classes.

Currently the classes are conducted every Saturday from 5:30pm- 6:45pm by Smt. Malavika Muralidharan and Shri Balaji Soundararajan with Smt. Sandhya Balaji and Sri Balaji as back-up teachers. The children are taught to chant Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam and Hanuman Chalisa. Classes are conducted through the year September through May.

Parents who are interested may contact

We are also looking for teachers willing to teach or be back-up teachers. Thanks for volunteering to help teach our children.

Language classes - Classes for Children

Children growing up in the USA have little opportunity to speak their mother tongue or learn other Indian languages. The temple has language classes during the weekends September through May, taught by enthusiastic volunteers. Children have an opportunity not only to learn the language but also perform at the temple at the end of each year. Please contact the temple for more details.

Yoga Classes - Classes for Children and Adults

Yoga classes are conducted at the temple for children and adults,  beginners and advanced levels by experienced yoga teachers. Yoga and meditation techniques  focus on physical and mental harmony and helps overall flexibility and strength. Class times vary. Please contact the temple for more details.

Kuchipudi Dance Class

Kum. Nitya Gollapudi, a Kuchipudi artist in the valley is currently conducting Kuchipudi dance Classes, Chitsabha Kuchipudi Nruthyalayam in association with Sri Venkata Krishna Kshetra, Beck Avenue, Tempe. The classes are conducted at Temple premises.

About the Teacher:
Kum. Nitya Gollapudi, today is one of the most outstanding upcoming performer of Kuchipudi Dance. Her greatness lies in her total dedication to the exacting genre with classical base. A fiercely uncompromising purist, she is highly imaginative with a sense of deep involvement but without losing contact with contemporary taste and sensibilities. She has been learning Kuchipudi dance under The world celebrated kuchipudi exponent PADMASRI Dr. Sobha Naidu, at Srinivasa Kuchipudi Art Academy,Hyderabad since 2000.

She was one of the main protagonist and donned various roles like Padmavathi in Kalyana Srinivasam, Sita in Jagadanandakaraka, Narada in Kalyanasrinivasam and Krishna parijatham, Ranganadha in Vipranarayana, Parvathi in Navarasanatabhamini, in MohiniBhasmasura as Mohini and many more which won her great appreciation. Her performances won accolades not only in the motherland but also all around the globe. Nitya has presented a series of performances at different venues in USA sponsored by the ATA, NATS along with her Guru PADMASRI Dr. Sobha Naidu. As a dedicated teacher at her guru’s academy in Hyderabad, she had supported the guru in every possible way as in training students for academy productions and as technical support which she considers it to be a golden fortune to be able serve the guru and the art in turn.

Spoken Sanskrit Class

Samskrita Bharathi (India/ USA) will conduct free classes on Spoken Sanksrit at Temple Premises from May 14 2016 onwards between 11 AM and 1:00 PM on weekends. Please contact Sundari Venkataraman - 480471 5677 for more details.